Believe & Become

Phase 2

Believe & Become is an ambitious, two-phased project to expand and renovate the existing facility on Middlesex Street into a state-of-the-art facility that will provide programs and services for up to 600 kids and teens each day.

Due to the scope and size of the renovation and expansion project at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell, the project has been divided into several phases. Phase 2 will see the front entrance and reception area expanded, the addition of a theater to the right of the main building, completion of infrastructure and accessibility updates, new administrative offices and renovation of existing program spaces. Anticipated costs associated with Phase 2 are around $7M. 

At this time, fundraising and construction efforts are focused on Phase 1, which is anticipated to be completed Winter of 2025. 

The completion of Phase 1 of Believe & Become will bring about many exciting changes, much needed updates and allow for increased capacity and improved programs. However, there will still be additional work to renovate existing facilities, bring the building further into compliance with ADA requirements, and improve the main entrance and other program spaces.

Phase 2 will see the full vision of Believe & Become realized, transforming both the inside and outside of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell into the state-of-the-art facility that our youth and community deserve.

About Phase 2:

Total anticipated cost: $7M

  • Anticipated completion date: TBD
  • Increase in capacity – From 450 members per day to up to 600 members per day
  • 30 additional staff employed
  • Increase in usable space – from 49,000 square feet to 52,000 square feet

Highlights of Phase 2 include:

  • Expanding the front entrance towards Middlesex Street, creating a warm and welcoming reception area for Club members and caregivers.
  • Adding a Black Box theater near Eagle Court
  • Creating differentiated learning spaces for our 12 and under members, including dedicated tutoring and quiet learning spaces
  • Club Love Cafe – a member-run snack bar
  • Updated and relocated program spaces including a Cultural Arts Room, Fitness Center, Robotics room and Computer Room 
  • Sensory room and Library for members who may need a break from the energy and excitement in the Club
  • A new Wellness Room for members who need extra care while at the Club
  • New administrative offices and Conference Room 
  • A Staff lounge and Mother/Child room
  • An additional games room for members ages 8 – 12
  • Beautiful Upper and Lower Atrium spaces to brighten and open up the main Club
  • Finishing the parking lot and creating a green play space outdoors

Additionally, there will be updates to the infrastructure and functionality of the building that will provide much needed resources for staff and Club members such as:

  • Showers so that teens can go from activities at the Club to work
  • Improved HVAC in the gym to avoid closing during heat waves
  • Additional storage space for programs
  • Safe, dedicated spaces for 1:1 counseling and conversations
  • Setting aside $1M in cash reserves to meet FAFSA compliance
  • Additional, ADA compliant restrooms